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Åland Islands


Åland Islands: Exploring the Underwater World through Scuba Diving

The Åland Islands, located in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden, offer a unique opportunity for scuba diving enthusiasts to discover the rich marine life and fascinating shipwrecks in the area. With over 6,500 islands and skerries, the archipelago boasts crystal-clear waters, diverse underwater landscapes, and a variety of dive sites suitable for all levels of experience.

One of the most popular diving spots in Åland is the S/S Bore, a steamship that sank in 1961 and now rests at a depth of 30 meters. The wreck is home to a plethora of fish species, such as cod, perch, and pike, as well as colorful anemones and sea stars. Another notable site is the Lilla Båtskär nature reserve, where divers can explore the rocky seabed and encounter seals, crabs, and lobsters.

Scuba diving in Åland is regulated by the local authorities, who ensure the safety and preservation of the underwater environment. Divers must obtain a permit and follow the guidelines for responsible diving, such as avoiding touching or disturbing the marine life and respecting the wrecks as historical artifacts.

Whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner, Åland offers a unique and unforgettable experience to discover the hidden treasures of the Baltic Sea.

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