Assistant Manager / PADI (couple) in Asia

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Assistant Manager / PADI (couple) in Asia
Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, Philippines
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Assistant Management - couple (singles may apply too).

NGO Marine Conservation Philippines is growing the team. This ad is ideally for a long-term management couple, but we are willing to consider applications from singles too if the right candidate. This is a hands-on managerial role ideally suited to a highly motivated, energetic, passionate, fit, and healthy couple with great management & organizational skill sets.

The responsibilities listed are many and are intended to be shared responsibilities between two people, based on their backgrounds and skillsets. 


  1. One of you: A skilled communicator, able to respond in English quickly and in detail to volunteer inquiries via email and Facebook. It is our first contact with prospective volunteers, and we want people to be wowed by our quick response, our level of detail, and our attention to personal detail. 
  2. Attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar is expected.
  3. Can create engaging social media content, similar to what we have posted on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. (This need not include videography).
  4. A PADI instructor with a lot of experience likely has hundreds of certifications, and you will join a team of two other senior instructors and will help teach all courses up to divemaster (possible instructor and technical courses also.) Preference is given to technical divers and tech. instructors. If you are not a tech diver, we would expect you to learn technical diver level skills here, as volunteers who join our Divemaster and internship programs expect to be taught by instructors who are way above the cut and highly knowledgeable and experienced. If you’re a grizzled instructor set in your ways, you have to be ok with team teaching, and us prescribing how we want things to be on our courses. Our courses are typically 25-50% longer than the industry standard because we insist on teaching to a very high standard.
  5. A volunteer coordinator, means you’re a social butterfly. You are sociable and easy to get along with. You take a natural interest in people around you and you’re an Olympic champion at small talk. You will meet and greet new volunteers when they arrive every second week. Tour them around campus and make them feel at home. You will give them various presentations and organize ice breaker activities to let them settle in quickly. You will coordinate transport logistics with people coming and leaving, and generally be the go-to person and agony aunt for volunteers. Expect to have to help people find bandages or pull a splinter. Get asked what to go see, offer travel advice, and have to pick up people who are quiet or a bit outside the group. In a nutshell, you like people.


  • You are going to be the beating heart of the organization. You are expected to be part of what goes on socially, and to be a visible presence to fellow staff and volunteers. . You of course need time off like everyone else, but you will be present at most meals, live on, and take an active part in the social life at the base.
  • You are able to take total control of the reigns when senior management is away, which will happen frequently and with longer and longer periods of absence. This means you will be handling a large budget, a fairly large multinational group of staff (around 20 people), disbursing salaries, conducting weekly staff meetings, etc. You do not need a degree in accounting, and we have an on-site bookkeeper to help you, but if you are number blind this job is not for you.
  • You are able to handle and prioritize a multitude of different tasks, and generally are able to take things calmly and in strides. Inevitably things will break or fail, and staff will fall ill too. When it happens, you can calmly make alternate plans and carry on, preferably without too much of a frown.


  • Good salary.
  • Annual PADI and EFR fees paid.
  • Private accommodation.
  • All food covered, (3 daily meals and free snacks, tea, coffee + free access kitchen policy.)
  • 5 Week paid holiday annually + additional unpaid leave optional.
  • Free utilities.
  • Freephone credit
  • Free use of vehicles in spare time (trucks and motorbikes).
  • May freely enroll in any PADI training conducted at base cost of certification.

Note: If you have what could be considered an extreme appearance, have a hand or facial tattoos or facial piercings other than earrings, the job’s not fit for you. 

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